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                       Facial Soaps


     These are our natural facial soaps containing our essential oil blends, and fine fragrances made especially for handmade soap.  Most of the facial line  contain natural botanical colorants  that add color and swirls through the soap.  Our essential soap formula remains the same... rich olive, coconut, palm kernal oils, goat milk  with oodles of shea butter too!  We developed these soaps for their speicalized skin care & creamy, luxurious lathers. 

                 Pure & natural. Try some today.. Your skin  will be glad you did!

                  Primrose Passion Facial - for mature skin                Shea Butter & Carrot Facial - for Dry skin

         Tea Tree & Green Clay Facial - for oily/acne skin        Cocoa Butter Goat Milk Facial - for sensitive skin


                                        $ 5.50/bar

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