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                                       Specialty Soaps


Smellies Be Gone™ Kitchen Soap     


Our Kitchen Soap is great to have on 'hand' to help eliminate odors from the smellies of chopping garlic, onions & fish!  This anise, ginger root, coffee bar will simply wash  away all those telltale odors.  KEEP a bar next to your sink!


          $ 6.50/bar                   6.5 ounce bar



Fisherman's Catch

   Hook, Line & Stinkless Fisherman's Soap ~ Our Fisherman's Soap is also great to have on 'hand' to help reel in those really big ones!  FOOL the fish with this attracting scent....  Land Ole' Walter... hook, line & stinkless!  I'm told by a local sea Captain' in Maine that fish are naturally attracted to anise & this 'old salt' catches twice as many fish using this bar of soap...  Just another fish story??  Give this bar a try.  Wash your hands in salt water, just prior to baiting your hook... What have you got to lose but some bait.. :-)

   This bar is great for the fisherman in your life.  Imagine the 'fish stories' they'll bring home!   Guaranteed...   or your bait happily returned.



       $ 6.50/bar   6+ oz          



The Gritty Bar 

 .Formulated with hard working hands in mind! Gardenerss, handymen ( or women :) just love these bars! Olive, coconut, palm, rice bran oils, mango & shea butter with natural fine Nisqually River sand, Atlantic sea kelp & pure healing essential oils. Sea kelp will help replenish lost nutrients from over worked hands.


                    $ 5.50/bar          4.5 + ounce



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